I don't have dreams, I have goals.

Huge BONES fan. B&B took over my life. Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz are everything. I also watch about 13 more shows.

♪ My love is true. Tell me, something I wouldn’t do. If that’s what you wanted. ♫ — OneRepublic

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a little of you is better than a lot of everyone else

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Rachel… You did it. Let’s enjoy the  m o m e n t .

I watched Aliens in a spaceship tonight.

1. That episode is A 10 times +.
2. I’m crazy in love with this show. (I obviously have issues. )
3. I adore these characters entirely.
4. All those years of waiting to find out what Brennan wrote in her goodbye letter were 100 % worth it.
5. How is it possible that TJ and Emily weren’t nominated for an award and the show didn’t win any kind of an award for this (and some other eps).
6. Add #5: it is ridiculous.
7. Booth’s determination to find his partner alive, and the way he runs down that hill is a reason why I will never be fully satisfied with any possible relationship I might have one day because it won’t be with someone like Booth.

That is all. Carry on.

that’s like me on a daily basis. lol

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bones + emojis (insp.)

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7x13 deleted scene / 9x24

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the worst thing about being shy and introverted is that you most of the time come off as cold and arrogant like you think you’re better than everyone else and thats why you don’t talk to people or hang out with them but it’s really the opposite its like you’re so uncomfortable with yourself that you don’t wanna share it with anyone else so you just dont and people think you’re an asshole but you’re actually just really scared

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